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    In 2015, PONE, the co-founder of La Fonky Family and one of the musical architects of French hip-hop (113, Diams, Rohff...), was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. For the past five years, he has been quadriplegic and living with a tracheostomy ventilation.

    Using a computer and eye-tracking software, PONE manages to write, read, communicate and compose. In 2019, PONE accomplished a major achievement: he composed and mixed a full album using only his eyes. He is now back in the musical spotlight.

    At a time when he should be staying in hospital, surrounded by a medical team, PONE is now living at home with his wife and two daughters. Living in this environment was made possible by his knowledge of the disease, and by the care provided by his family and home nursing services.

    LISTEN AND DONATE is a charity initiative, a chain of solidarity around PONE and his EP LISTEN AND DONATE. This EP includes two original tracks by PONE using Kate Bush samples, as well as two remixes (Para One and Blow Digital).

    LISTEN AND DONATEaims to raise funds for Trakadom, a charity created by PONE with two doctors, Dr. Bah and Dr. Garnier. Trakadom aims to train carers and nurses, so that patients with severe chronic illnesses who require specialist equipment can live in their own homes.

    A highlight of the operation is the contribution of international contemporary artist JR, who created the artwork for the "LISTEN AND DONATE" EP!
    "I love contemporary art, and of course I've been following JR's work. When I asked him to create the artwork for LISTEN AND DONATE, he accepted right away - with no guarantees and no conditions. With this eye, we wanted to represent everybody's eyes, the eyes that have become my only window on the outside world" Pone


    Raising money for charity has become more and more challenging. So we have come up with a system where all you have to do is listen and donate.

    When streaming the LISTEN AND DONATE EP on the premium account of your digital platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Premium, etc.), you generate royalties. 100% of these royalties will be transferred to Trakadom. Now, you know what to do...

    And if you are into more physical formats, two vinyls are available: a three-track vinyl and a gatefold vinyl (collector's edition) with the 4 tracks of the EP.


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